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Palate to Palette Children's Art Class

5 Days - 5 Countries - 5 Artists - 5 Pieces of art - 5 Meals: All for $275.00

This is always one of the most popular workshops at Kimberly Hardin Art Studio, so please book early. We select a different country each day, pick an artist from the region, complete a piece of art in the style of the selected artist, and experience a meal consisting of foods from the region cooked by Kimberly in the studio. This year we will explore the art of India, English miniatures, Rococo Style French art, Italian Da Vinci illustrations, and the art of Spain.

July 18th to July 22nd (5 classes)
10 AM to 3 PM

Day 1 - The Art of India
Each student will paint a full sheet in the style if the school of Maghal. This style features a rich border around such images as Elephants, Horses, and Lotus Flowers, all enhanced with gold and silver paints.
Menu: Chicken Curry, Basmati Rice, Coconut Pudding, and Green Tea

Day 2 - English Miniatures
Each student will use a small canvas to create a miniature acrylic painting in the rich style of such great English artists as Holbien or Englehart.
Menu: Steamed Sausages, English Potatoes, Cucumber Sandwiches, Fruit Trifle, And Sparkling Water

Day 3 - Rococo Style French Art
From the Rococo period came some of the most famous decorative art pieces of ceramic and furniture. Students will paint on a paper mache box in the shape of a treasure chest.
Menu: Croque Monsieur, Mixed Feild Greens, Sparkling Cider, and French Pastries

Day 4 - Italy - Da Vinci Illustrations
Recognizing a true master, we will do illustrations in the style of Leonardo Da Vinci, Using Charcoal & Conte Crayons on black and tan paper we will illustrate hands, feet, birds, and machines.
Menu: Pizza, Green Salad, Decaf Espresso Shakes, and Tiramisu

Day 5 - The Art Of Spain
After a brief art history lesson featuring El Greco, and Picasso, each student will choose which artist they prefer and paint a canvas in the style of choice.
Menu: Paella, Fresh Fruits and Dates, Fruit Punch, and Cupcakes

Limited to 12 students, pre-K through high school

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